Dr. Revenaugh has become one of my top doctors of all time and I’ve seen more than my fair share. Last year I finally decided to have major sinus surgery–a procedure I had delayed for almost 2 decades–and after scouring the Chicagoland area our search thankfully landed on Dr. Revenaugh. I was always scared to death of dealing with packing and apparently that was for naught because after the 3-4 hour operation none was used. The entire process, from start to finish, was smooth and seamless. I never felt rushed or unsure of what was to come and he was more than happy to answer every question about minor details I threw at him. Of which there were many. The recovery period was about as expected, a solid week of being a little beat up, but after the first day or two of slight pain, everything was smooth sailing. The doctor called to check-up the night after the surgery and on subsequent days, but there wasn’t anything to report. My recovery process is now over and I can say this was one of the best decisions I’ve made, happily leaving behind my day of being a mouth breather.