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The face is our outward representation of who we are and how we feel. It is how we express happiness, portray confidence, and show our unique personality to the world.

Changes in facial appearances, such as those that occur with aging, can create an unhealthy or tired appearance, lessen self-confidence, and prevent us from looking as good as we may feel.

A wide range of options exists to restore a youthful and vibrant appearance that can help you greet the world looking and feeling like your best self. These can range from a better skin care regimen to micro-needling, facial fillers, neuromodulators, or even facelift or necklift. Dr. Revenaugh and Dr. Smith have extensive training and experience in the most advanced techniques of facial rejuvenation and are devoted to creating a treatment plan uniquely designed to address your concerns and achieve beautiful, natural results.

Why choose Rush Facial Plastics for your facial rejuvenation procedure?

  • Our approach considers your goals, facial features, ethnicity, and health to give you the best, most natural, and safest result.
  • Our surgeons have dedicated their careers to procedures and treatments of the face, head, and neck giving them extensive experience even in the most complex cases.
  • We listen to your goals and desires and help match them with your lifestyle to deliver the natural results that will restore your youthful appearance and confidence.

He is fantastic and my recovery has been excellent

Dr. Revenaugh is the most brilliant, honest, confident, kind and caring doctor I have ever met and I wish all my doctor’s had these qualities. When I had surgery, he not only encouraged me to do what he suggested during my recovery, he told me what to expect and even checked on me by calling me at home. He is fantastic and my recovery has been excellent.

What to expect during your facial rejuvenation consultation:

During your facial rejuvenation consultation, you will meet with Dr. Revenaugh or Dr. Smith and have a chance to explain your concerns and goals.

  • They will help guide your decision to the treatment that best suits you.
  • They will ask about your overall health, prior surgeries, medications, allergies, and tobacco history among other things. They will examine your facial skin and neck skin. They will likely take photographs, and these can be used to help understand your goals.
  • They will discuss the potential risks, benefits, complications, and alternative procedures or any treatment. As well as the type of anesthesia and expected recovery for your procedure.
  • You will have plenty of time to ask any questions and discuss your decision with your doctor.

How Much Does Facial Rejuvenation Cost?

The overall cost of Facial Rejuvenation is affected by anesthesia fees, hospital fees, post-surgery garments, and medications. Price is also impacted by medical tests, surgeon’s fees, and the exact techniques employed.

Schedule a Facial Rejuvenation Consultation

Interested in learning more about Facial Rejuvenation in Chicago, IL? Contact Peter C. Revenaugh MD FACS today to schedule an appointment with Peter C. Revenaugh MD FACS. We look forward to offering compassionate treatment and excellent cosmetic plastic surgery solutions.

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1 Focus - your face! We only provide face and neck so we can ensure the highest quality, natural, lasting results. 5-star ratings. See our ratings on Google, Rush.edu, RealSelf, Healthgrades.

37 years of combined experience in facial procedures and surgery.

Over 700 surgical procedures performed annually.

A name you can trust. Dr. Revenaugh, Dr. Smith and Dr. Eggerstedt are Rush surgeons and are committed to the excellence Rush University Medical Center is known for.

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