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A septoplasty is done to correct breathing problems related to a deviated nasal septum, which can develop throughout life or occur as a result of trauma. Septoplasty surgery is done with incisions hidden inside the nose and typically does not change the outward nasal appearance.


How is a deviated septum corrected to improve breathing?

A septoplasty is performed using incisions made inside the nose. Deviated portions of the septum are either removed, straightened or repositioned in order to open the nasal airway and improve breathing. This procedure can be done without changing the outward appearance of the nose or used in combination with rhinoplasty techniques in order to improve breathing and the nasal appearance.

What type of anesthesia is required for this procedure?

This procedure is performed as an outpatient under general anesthesia to keep you both safe and comfortable during the operation.

Will there be packing in my nose after the septoplasty surgery?

Dr. Revenaugh and Dr. Smith use the latest techniques in septoplasty to improve your nasal breathing and therefore do not routinely use nasal packing after surgery. This process makes recovery more comfortable without compromising the result.

What is the recovery time and process like for this procedure?

Most patients will take 1 week off of work or school to recover after septoplasty surgery.

Can I blow my nose after this procedure?

It is best not to blow your nose for the first 2 weeks after surgery in order to allow the nose to heal. Saltwater nasal sprays will be used to keep your nose healthy and clear while you recover. Your surgeon will discuss the recovery process in detail during your consultation.

Will a septoplasty change or alter the appearance of my nose?

Septoplasty surgery is done to improve nasal breathing and will not alter the outward appearance of the nose. Sometimes patients with breathing issues also desire cosmetic changes to their nasal appearance and septoplasty surgery is performed along with rhinoplasty to improve both at the same time.

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