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Non-surgical rhinoplasty or liquid rhinoplasty are terms used to describe the use of injectable fillers to achieve changes to the nasal shape. This is often used for subtle changes to the nose and in cases of small revisions. Some specific changes to the nose can only be achieved surgically, so it is important to seek a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon to determine if a non-surgical rhinoplasty is right for you.


Are the changes permanent?

The changes are typically not permanent. A nonsurgical rhinoplasty typically uses hyaluronic acid facial fillers which are gradually reabsorbed by your body.

Can a non-surgical rhinoplasty make my nose smaller?

While a non-surgical rhinoplasty can help smooth bumps on the nose, only a surgical rhinoplasty can make your nose size smaller.

Is a non-surgical rhinoplasty safe?

Generally, non-surgical rhinoplasty is safe, but there are some specific risks that your surgeon will discuss with you. In order to have the best result and safest experience, it is important to seek a surgeon who is experienced in both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty. Dr. Revenaugh and Dr. Smith have extensive experience in all types of rhinoplasty and can help you choose which is best for you.

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