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A neck lift procedure is done to correct the changes of facial aging that occur near the jawline, under the chin, and in the neck – problems sometimes referred to as “jowling,” a “double-chin,” a “turkey-neck” or vertical bands that extend down the neck. This procedure can create a better defined jawline, reduce heaviness under the chin, eliminate neck bands and improve the appearance and contour of the neck.

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A neck lift can be done alone but is commonly combined with a facelift for comprehensive rejuvenation. Sometimes, more minimally invasive techniques such as neck liposuction, Kybella, or energy therapies can be used to treat neck aging concerns. Our surgeons are qualified to offer you any of these treatments that will give you the best result.


Which areas of the neck can be improved after a neck lift?

The most common areas of improvement after a neck lift are the jawline and area under the chin. “The jowl” area can be tightened during a neck lift as well as the area in the midline just under the chin. Often, patients will note bands that appear near the middle of the neck that are improved with a neck lift.

Who are the best candidates for a neck lift?

Patients with increased sagginess of the neck skin, jowling, banding, or concerning wrinkles in the neck are good candidates. It is also important to be healthy and to avoid smoking.

Where are the incisions placed for a neck lift?

Neck lift incisions are hidden in areas where healing can make them unnoticeable. Typically, incisions can be placed under the chin and around the ears. With years of operating on the face and neck, our surgeons have developed strategies to minimize scars in these areas.

Is there downtime after my neck lift procedure?

There is often swelling after a neck lift that can last for a couple of weeks. Bruising is usually gone by the first week, but it is important to schedule your neck lift with enough recovery time before major events to look your best.

How long do results of a neck lift last?

A neck lift, as in other surgical rejuvenation treatments does not stop aging but does provide a more youthful appearance which can last for many years.

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