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Facial implants are placed underneath the skin and soft tissues of the face to highlight and accentuate features of facial beauty including the cheekbones, chin, and jawline. The implants are hidden, discrete, and can be placed without visible incisions or scars.


What are the facial implants made of?

There are a variety of implant materials used to improve the facial appearance. You and your surgeon will discuss the type of implant that will give the best result and be the safest for you.

Are there different sizes of the implants?

Yes, many different sized and shaped implants are available. During your consultation, your board-certified surgeon will discuss the specific changes that you would like to see and make recommendations about the implant type, size, and location that will be best for you.

Who are good candidates for facial implants?

Patients who want to improve the balance and definition of their facial features are excellent candidates for facial implants. These patients should ideally be in optimal health, because certain conditions can increase the risk of surgical complications.

Having a positive disposition will be beneficial, as will having realistic expectations. Patients who are interested in this procedure will need to avoid smoking and drinking in the time before their surgery.

What will be discussed during the consultation?

The consultation is an opportunity for the surgeon to clarify details about the procedure and for the patient to learn information that will help them prepare for it.

The types of facial implants that can be used will be discussed, as will the patient’s aesthetic goals. The patient’s face will be examined, and their medical history will be discussed, including past procedures, allergies, and current medications/supplements.

The surgeon will answer any questions the patient may have. Preparation will be discussed, as will the recovery process and the procedure itself.

What is the recovery like after surgery?

Recovery after surgery involves minor discomfort that is treated with pain medications, a few days of mild swelling, and incisions that heal around 1 week.

What is the standard recovery time after facial implantation surgery?

Recovery after surgery typically takes around one week, during which time any swelling in the area is improving, and post-op discomfort resolves. If sutures are used, they are removed during the 1-week post-op visit.

How much will facial implants cost?

Details regarding the cost of facial implants can be discussed during the consultation, since there are several factors involved. The type and size of the implants that will be used can affect the overall price, as can the specific techniques utilized.

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